Prithibi, meaning “World” in Sanskrit, strives to better the world by building partnerships based on honesty, integrity and believing in clients and ourselves. Prithibi partners to yield cost effective and sustainable business models and generate transformational efficient business environments for its clients.

“A partner you can trust

As the first company to implement Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) in the Oracle Cloud, Prithibi is leading the way in delivering cutting edge technology to its clients.

Prithibi Consulting Services specializes in Customer Information Systems (CIS) related consulting and implementation services. With an extensive portfolio of supporting SaaS applications, Prithibi’s team of consultants are experienced and equipped to provide an integrated, holistic solution to client technology needs.

Significant ways
in which Prithibi adds value:

  • Conducts fit/gap analysis to find weaknesses in existing business.
  • Provides support with technology and business process enablement with the aim of client becoming self supporting.
  • Provides industry leading experts and resources proven to be successful in the field.
  • Works with client budget and helps maintain focus on maximizing return on client investment.

Key Factors
in Prithibi's success:

  • Clearly detailed product implementation plan with business friendly adherence guidelines.
  • Product that factors risks and contingencies with practical applications.
  • Customization to client circumstances and challenges.
  • Continuous follow up by diligent supportive system integrators who facilitate client responsibilities in effective implementation of product.
  • Unique team of expert consultants and resource persons with prior experience of working to each other’s strengths and expertise.
  • Honest and effective communication with client about status and progress of project.
  • Keeping client’s interest paramount and commitment to client’s success.

What clients
are saying about Prithibi Consultants: