In today’s market, businesses need to continually assess their areas of improvement and room for expansion to remain competitive. Prithibi Consulting Services provides comprehensive services and complete solutions for businesses to obtain and retain that competitive edge.

Our Business Transformation services lays out strategy and direction; our Implementation Services effectuates the strategy; and our Data Analytics enables businesses to quantify, evaluate and build on current success for future improvement.

Business Transformation & End-User Support

Our expert and experienced consultants apply methodology and technology proven to successfully transform businesses with customized and desired results. Prithibi consultants are here to offer clients an opportunity to rethink their business models and visualize new possibilities. Prithibi’s seasoned consultants have the know-how to deliver on these models and support the client organization during and after transformation.

Prithibi’s Business Transformation Services include:

  • Assistance for clients to plan and strategize their Business Transformations.
  • End user refresher training for Oracle utility products.
  • Oracle CC&B Config tools training for CC&B administrators and CC&B support staff.
  • Performance of quality assurance and health checks at strategic points in a project.

Implementation/Managed Support Services

Prithibi offers full Implementation and Managed Support of its technology portfolio. Our consultants are experienced resources with involvement in multiple implementations, who can expertly assess and guide projects from inception through implementation and post implementation support.

  • Full implementation of Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B): This can be a standalone product or integrated with Oracle Cloud applications to provide a full array of functionality for all utilities. CC&B can be on-premise or implemented in the Cloud, with Prithibi being the first SI to do so. With pre-developed implementation artifacts, Prithibi has taken a client through conversion, testing and go-live in 7 months!
  • Implementation of non-Oracle CIS products such as Waterworks: Prithibi can custom develop modules to augment functionality that is lacking. Prithibi can also integrate the CIS with Oracle Service Cloud to provide additional functionality. This is a cost-effective solution for small to midsize utilities.
  • Supporting Technologies: Prithibi can implement MDM, AMI, IVR and other supporting technologies to complement a CIS solution.
  • Additional Service: Prithibi can provide customer service, pre-audit and billing support to companies that are short staffed or otherwise unable or unwilling to take on the responsibility.
  • Post Implementation Support: For all implementations, Prithibi provides at least 1-3 months of post implementation support. Thereafter, clients can take advantage of a team that is familiar with their business and the technologies implemented to continue with Managed Services support and transition.


Data Analytics

Data Interpretation: Using Oracle Business Intelligence and other technologies, Prithibi can now help businesses better interpret their data and understand some of their challenges in areas of strategic interest, applying a range of data analytics methods. Data analytics is a component of integrated operational business models performed in conjunction with other services but Prithibi provides this as a standalone service also.

Data Mining: With an array of custom tools and processes at our disposal, Prithibi has the capacity to mine and access necessary data from business databases and to analyze and interpret the data to help businesses make sound decisions. Using SAS we can also provide a range of statistical analyses on various data sets.

Business Report: Additionally our resources can generate reports that businesses can run through their own BI platform or be built and run on demand through Oracle's Business Intelligence application.

Prithibi’s Data Analytics services include:

  • Reports and other operational tools to monitor performance and transactions.
  • Financial reports to help with GL end of month/year reconciliation.
  • Statistical analysis of data for management reports.
  • Data mining as needed during project implementation.