Our partnership with Oracle, has recently allowed us to offer a truly unique package to small and mid-size clients who believe that Oracle CC&B is out of their range. We can implement Oracle CC&B on an Oracle database, integrated with the Oracle Service Cloud at a fraction of what it would cost to do a premise based solution for just CC&B alone.

Utilities in the Cloud: A Prithibi Success Story


Customer Information Systems (CIS):

Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) on-Premise Implementations

  • Expertise in on-Premise Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) implementations
  • Complete package solutions with preconfigured deliverables/scripts/documentation
  • Cost effective and efficient implementation plans
  • Client preferred delivery timelines maintained by experienced Consultants

Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) in The Cloud

  • Prithibi Consulting Services is the first company to pilot an CC&B implementation in an Oracle Service Cloud
  • Primarily used in the utilities industry, the versatility of this application allows it to be used as an enterprise-wide billing and customer information system for a variety of other industries.
  • Companies have the advantage of integrating other Oracle Cloud applications
  • Cost effective solution for smaller Utility Companies requiring less maintenance

WaterWorks Application Integration

  • Waterworks solution as a cost-effective alternative to Oracle CC&B for smaller utilities
  • Custom developed components that integrate with the core application to provide an alternative CIS solution comparable to tier 1 applications
  • CIS engine can be fully integrated within the Oracle Framework to provide a range of solutions for a modern-day utility
  • For more information and a demonstration of Waterworks application, please visit:


With our no-frills implementation fees, where clients pay only for the services they really need, the cost of a new Cloud based billing system or CIS with an enhanced customer facing web presence is a Tier 1 product, obtainable within the price range in which Tier 2 products are offered by other vendors.

By including Oracle Customer Self Service and Oracle Field Service, all on an Oracle Service Cloud, companies can now truly have a complete and enhanced customer experience at a reasonable cost!


Through our partnership with Oracle, Prithibi offers Cloud based applications that provides a full suite of functionality for utilities:

  • Implementation of Oracle CC&B and/or MDM
  • Integration with AMI system through Oracle Utilities Smart Grid Gateway
  • Client support for CIS implementation project
  • Custom modifications and enhancements to existing CC&B applications
  • Managed Services for post CIS implementations with 24-hours operational support


Oracle Service Cloud Integration:

Oracle Service Cloud integration with CC&B

Prithibi Consulting Services is the first company to integrate Oracle Service Cloud with CC&B with the following features:

  • Custom developed integrators that allow integration of CC&B with Oracle Service Cloud
  • Automated features that require minimum CSR involvement
  • The integration of Service Cloud enhances the customer service capabilities of CC&B/Service Cloud solution, allowing clients to deliver a complete package of service to customers

Oracle Customer Self Service Portal

Integrated with CC&B with benefits such as:

  • Extensive analytics for customers to access account information
  • Secure and flexible online payment options for customers

Custom Developed Customer Self Service Portal

Integrated with all CIS applications:

  • Low cost option
  • Flexible and fully customized to client needs
  • Secure and flexible online payment options for customers


Mobile Work Force Solutions:

CC&B/CIS Integration with Oracle Field Service Management with the following features:

  • Integrated with CC&B Field Activity Functionality
  • Field Workers and technicians can automatically update from the field and it updates CC&B
  • Data stored on mobile device until connectivity is regained
  • Implementing desktop and mobile versions of the Oracle Field Service Management application, with GIS and load balancing functionality

Custom Oracle Apex Mobile Integration with Oracle CC&B with the following features:

  • Custom screens that are fully configurable
  • Low cost solution
  • Custom Apex Dashboard allows greater control of data going into and out of CC&B


Oracle SaaS Applications Integration:

Integration of SaaS Applications such as:

  • IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud
  • Project Management Cloud
  • ERP Cloud for Midsize
  • Oracle Asset Management
  • Oracle Fusion Financials

For information on SaaS Applications and integration please visit:

Data Analytics:

Oracle Apex reporting suite with over 100+ custom reports out of the box:

  • Allows utilities to gather operational data
  • Integrated with any Oracle database application
  • Provides financial information for audit and other financial reporting
  • Additional custom reports added as needed

Oracle Business Intelligence application:

  • Integrated with CC&B
  • Stocks reports address all areas of functionality supported by CC&B
  • Robust and versatile tool for reporting