Prithibi Consulting offers a unique package to all its clients. Using both Oracle and non-Oracle technology, Prithibi has integrated in the cloud, the leading applications in Utility Billing, Customer Service, Customer Self Service, Analytics and Mobile Field Order Support. This integrated package is available to clients in both a hosted and non-hosted model. With Zero implementation cost and just a yearly license fee that includes full functional and technical support, it is truly an amazing opportunity!

Utilities in the Cloud: A Prithibi Success Story


Customer Information Systems (CIS)

    Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) on-Premise Implementations

  • Expertise in on-Premise Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) implementations.
  • Complete package solutions with preconfigured deliverables/scripts/documentation.
  • Cost effective and efficient implementation plans.
  • Client preferred delivery timelines maintained by experienced Consultants.

    Oracle Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) in
    The Cloud

  • Prithibi Consulting Services is the first company to pilot an CC&B implementation in an Oracle Service Cloud.
  • Primarily used in the utilities industry, the versatility of this application allows it to be used as an enterprise-wide billing and customer information system for a variety of other industries.
  • Companies have the advantage of integrating other Oracle Cloud applications.
  • Cost effective solution for smaller Utility Companies requiring less maintenance.


Oracle Service Cloud Integration

Oracle Service Cloud integration with CC&B

Prithibi Consulting Services is the first company to integrate Oracle Service Cloud with CC&B with the following features:

  • Custom developed integrators that allow integration of CC&B with Oracle Service Cloud.
  • Automated features that require minimum CSR involvement.
  • The integration of Service Cloud enhances the customer service capabilities of CC&B/Service Cloud solution, allowing clients to deliver a complete package of service to customers.

Oracle Customer Self Service Portal

Integrated with CC&B with benefits such as:

  • Extensive analytics for customers to access account information.
  • Secure and flexible online payment options for customers.

Custom Developed Customer Self Service Portal

Integrated with all CIS applications:

  • Low cost option.
  • Flexible and fully customized to client needs.
  • Secure and flexible online payment options for customers.


Mobile Work Force Solutions

    CC&B/CIS Integration with Oracle Field Service Cloud with the following features:

  • Integrated with CC&B Field Activity Functionality.
  • Field Workers and technicians can automatically update from the field and it updates CC&B.
  • Data stored on mobile device until connectivity is regained.
  • Implementing desktop and mobile versions of the Oracle Field Service Cloud application, with GIS and load balancing functionality.

    Custom Oracle Apex Mobile Integration with Oracle CC&B with the following features:

  • Custom screens that are fully configurable.
  • Low cost solution.
  • Custom Apex Dashboard allows greater control of data going into and out of CC&B.


Oracle SaaS Applications Integration

Integration of SaaS Applications such as:

  • IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud.
  • Project Management Cloud.
  • ERP Cloud for Midsize.
  • Oracle Asset Management.
  • Oracle Fusion Financials.

For information on SaaS Applications and integration please visit:

Data Analytics

    Oracle Apex reporting suite with over 100+ custom reports out of the box:

  • Allows utilities to gather operational data.
  • Integrated with any Oracle database application.
  • Provides financial information for audit and other financial reporting.
  • Additional custom reports added as needed.

    Oracle Business Intelligence application:

  • Integrated with CC&B.
  • Stocks reports address all areas of functionality supported by CC&B.
  • Robust and versatile tool for reporting.